You could be a character in a Plame Novel

ARTfeast’s Step Up to the Plate gala dinner includes an amazing selection of auction items, including this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! For the winning bid, you can have dinner with Honorary Chair Valerie Plame and become a character in her next Vanessa...

Marshall Noice–Bountiful Color

Marshall Noice is one of the most sought-after colorists of the 21st century! Included in the award-winning book Art of the National Parks, Noice brings emotional exuberance to his chromatic interpretations of the landscape. At ARTfeast’s Step Up to the Plate...

Own a John Nieto

You’ve always wanted a John Nieto in your art collection … and now you can wear a Nieto every time you prepare a meal. This one-of-a-kind chef’s jacket with an original 11×11-inch painting by Nieto will make you feel like the most...