June 12-16th

Natural Wonders Camp: Grades K-3

Come explore nature through a variety of media! Campers will investigate their world in all its forms from jungles to oceans and the animals that live there. This is a great opportunity to let campers’ imaginations soar while developing a deeper appreciation for nature. Instructor: Vanessa Gonzalez

Closed/ Full
June 19-23rd

CARTOONING – Make your own character! Grades 3-6

Using the favorite book for comic artists, “Drawing Words and Writing Pictures,” by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden, students will develop their own cartoon character and create a comic story panel. Using comic techniques: sketching, inking, coloring, layering, composition, and storytelling, artists will explore the world of cartooning and bring their own inventions to life! No special drawing skills required. Instructor: Melinda Baker

Closed/ Full
June 26th-30th

Fairytale Adventure: Grades K-3

Once upon a time there was a group of artists who drew, painted, collaged and sculpted incredible and colorful artworks deep from their imagination.  Be inspired by stories of dragons, castles, talking animals and faraway lands as we join together for a creative week celebrating classic fairytale themes.  Crowns, treasure boxes and imaginary creatures will be some of our projects. Instructor: Melinda Baker

Closed/ Full
July 10th-14th

Escape Beyond the Frame! Introduction to Installation Art: Grades 3-6

Students learn to design and create artworks that change the space around us. Take home your very own sky-lamp; make large-scale mobiles and stabiles; and explore the exciting world of installation art that is too wild to fit in a frame! Instructor: Rebecca Chornenky

Closed/ Full
July 17th-21st

Passport to the Arts: Grades K-3

Closed/ Full


July 24th-28th

 Pattern Play! Grades: 3-6

 What do a squid and a snowflake have in common? Uncover the awe-inspiring patterns that live beneath the physical forms of animals, plants, and nature. Through drawing, painting and sculpting, artists discover a love for expressing patterns from nature in unique artworks of their own. Instructor: Rebecca Chornenky


Closed/ Full

July 31st– August 4th

 Sci-Fi Adventure: Grades K-3

Closed/ Full


August 7-11th

Textiles and Printmaking: Grades 3-6

Prepare to be surprised!  Create unique works of art while learning a variety of techniques in the vast world of printmaking and textile art.  Students will enjoy working with color and patterns as they batik, tie-dye, collage and print on fabric.  Instructor: Melinda Baker



2017 ARTsmart Summer Camps!

  • Price: $125.00 Quantity:
    Camps run Monday through Friday 8:00 am to Noon. $125 registration fee includes all art materials and healthy snacks. Each Friday families are invited to the Final Student Critique at 11:15. This is an opportunity for students to share and discuss their artwork and receive positive feedback from their peers. Students participate in critiques throughout the week and we love having families join us for the final on Fridays
  • I give permission for my child to attend and participate in the ARTsmart Summer Camp. I, the undersigned, have read and understand the class policies and procedures and agree to abide by these policies and procedures. I understand that ARTsmart is not responsible for accidents or injuries to participants in the program and agree to hold ARTsmart harmless for such accidents or injuries. I also consent and allow ARTsmart staff to photograph my child and his/her artwork for use in promotional efforts and materials.
  • In the unlikely event of an accident requiring emergency care, ARTsmart will make every reasonable effort to contact you before medical services are given to your child. If we are unable to contact you, the ARTsmart instructor will consent to such services for your child on your behalf based on your written authorization (electronic signature).I, the parent/guardian have read the above and hereby designate the ARTsmart instructor to act on my behalf in the event of a medical emergency by authorizing hospitalization, medical attention, and/or surgery as may be required. I assume financial responsibility and hold ARTsmart harmless for any medical services provided.