On October 19, 2010, the nonprofit ARTsmart will deliver checks totaling $45,000 to the Santa Fe Public Schools. “One check for $40,000 is targeted to the purchase of art materials in the elementary schools,” ARTsmart President Martine Bertin-Peterson explains. “SFPS art teachers will receive approximately $5,000 in individual grants for specific art projects.”

ARTsmart’s 2010 contribution in support of the arts in the Santa Fe Public Schools totals $111,000. “ARTfeast Santa Fe, our annual fundraiser, continues to attract art lovers and food aficionados from across the country,” Bertin-Peterson says, adding that the 2010 donation exceeds the 2009 donation by $20,000. The remaining $66,000 has been or will be disbursed as follows:

$10,000 for ARTsmart art projects, materials and mentors
$7,000 to ARTsmart scholarships
$3,000 of art sales returned to student artists
$5,000 to Fine Art for Children and Teens
$20,000 to the ARTsmart General Endowment Fund
$21,000 to the Scholarship Endowment

In the past 13 years, ARTsmart has donated just under $834,000 to ensure the arts are kept alive for Santa Fe schoolchildren. The 14th Annual ARTfeast Santa Fe fundraiser takes place February 25-27, 2011.