CarilloAxtonBoydsmAt the October 7, 2014, Santa Fe Public Schools board meeting, ARTsmart President Connie Axton presented a check for $43,500 to the Santa Fe Public Schools and a check for $1,500 to Turquoise Trail Charter School.

The funds, which were raised during the February 2014 ARTfeast Fundraiser, are earmarked to purchase art supplies and support several art programs. Among the latter is ARTsmart’s Visiting Artists program, which makes it possible for art teachers to bring local artists into the classroom.

Axton noted that the past year has been one of change for ARTsmart. “In March 2013, ARTsmart merged with Fine Art for Children and Teens. We have restructured our organization with new vision and mission statements aimed at serving the youth of New Mexico with even greater commitment to their successful futures as creative problem-solvers.” Axton also pointed out that FACT’s award-winning programs are currently in the process of being digitized, with a goal of making them available to a broader audience of art educators.

Steven J. Carrillo, board president, and Joel Boyd, SFPS superintendent, accepted the check with gratitude. The meeting was further marked by a moving tribute to Lorraine Goldman (1940-2014), who was an advocate for public education and executive director for Partners in Education for a decade. Lorraine was a “warrior on behalf of Santa Public School students and teachers,” Boyd said, adding that she was a “champion for children [with] a deep-seated belief that public education was a civil right that was not to be denied.”