25 JANUARY 2010.  ARTfeast kicks off  its 13th annual fundraiser with a reception for the student artists in the "I Made It!" plate design competition. The reception takes place Saturday, January 30, from 2-3 pm in the Santa Fe Room at LaFonda on the Plaza, 100 E. San Francisco. The public is invited to attend free of charge.

PLATE COMPETITION ARTISTS. One hundred elementary schoolchildren were selected from more than a thousand entries to create ceramic plates for the ARTfeast weekend of events. The display includes  four plate-sets and 50 plates that will be auctioned in a silent bid at the Gourmet Dinner, Saturday, February 27. The top winners of the competition follow. To view them go to The Kids
Grand Award, Marissa Martinez, Salazar Elementary
First Runner-up, Taelor Aguilar, EJ Martinez, Elementary
Second Runner-up, Paris Rubio, Wood Gormley Elementary

PLATE-SETS.  The plate-sets comprise 12 plates per set and reflect four  different themes. Three sets will be auctioned live throughout ARTfeast weekend. The fourth, Master Artists, is raffled. To view the plates and plate-sets please go to: artfeast.com/kids/artwork.

MASTER ARTISTS.  Created by students of Kim Leonard of Nava Elementary, this set was inspired by the world’s most famous artists, including Gauguin, Moore, Grandma Moses, Klee, Matisse, O’Keeffe, Picasso, Pollack, and Van Gogh. Raffle tickets cost $20 per ticket (three for $50). The winner will be announced at the Artists’ Brunch, Sunday, February 28. You need not be present to win. The plates are on view at the ARTsmart offices at 102 E. Water Street, El Centro Mall.

O’KEEFFE’S ABSTRACTION.  Created by students of Roni Rohr of El Dorado Elementary School,  this set is auctioned at the Fashion Show & Luncheon, Friday, February 26. Rohr brought in bones, horns, and shells for her students to explore, then discussed how  Georgia O’Keeffe abstracted those forms in her art.

MOLA INTERPRETATIONS. Created by students of Christina Barbachano of Cesar Chavez Elementary, this colorful group is auctioned at the Gourmet Dinner,  Saturday, February 27. Inspired by the patterns of brightly colored molas crafted by women in Guatemala and Panama, notably ones that include animal imagery, the children selected their favorite animals and interpreted them in bright hues over a black under-glaze.

ESCHER’S TESSELLATION. Created by students of Susanna Mireles-Mankus of El Dorado Elementary School, this set is auctioned at the Artists’ Brunch, Sunday, February 28. These black-and-white puzzle plates are based on a mathematical concept known as tessellation, which was made popular by Dutch artist M.C. Escher. Using a template, students created positive and negative patterns throughout the plate surface.

All proceeds from the sale of plates and tickets to ARTfeast events return to the Santa Fe Public Schools for art materials, art programs, and scholarships.