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2018 ARTsmart Spring Break Camp
Open to grades K-4th
March 19-23
8am-Noon$125 Registration Fees include all art materials and snacks

Come join us for innovative programs in our ARTsmart Community Studio! ARTsmart programs inspire and empower students to make unique and expressive art.

More than ever, studies show how critical learning after-school and during school breaks are to a child’s development and keeping up in school. There is a significant achievement gap that grows wider every year between those students who have extended learning opportunities and those who do not. Art education is not only fun but highly beneficial!

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2018 ARTsmart Summer Break Camp

Join us at ARTsmart’s Community Studio for innovative visual arts camps that nurture children’s creativity and wonder! Summer Camps are Monday-Friday, 8am–Noon. $125 registration fees include all materials and healthy snacks. For more information contact Rebecca Chornenky, (505) 992-2787 or 

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ARTsmart New Mexico

2018 Summer Schedule

June 4-8: Sculpture Factory K-3rd grade

Join us for a week full of 3D possibility as we explore of variety of materials to create form. We’ll start with paper techniques to make abstract shapes and masks, then move onto wood, clay and found objects to construct robots, buildings and imaginary creatures. Prepare to be delighted by the colorful assortment of choices and inspiration! Instructor: Melinda Baker

June 11-15: Passport to the Arts K-3rd grade

Grab your passports and travel the world through art. Become an artistic adventurer! We will explore the art, artists, and culture of many places around the world. Students will use a large variety of media and techniques to create multicultural works of art. Instructor: Vanessa Gonzalez

June 18-22: Creative Cafe 3-6th grade

Explore a variety of colorful crafts beyond the world of drawing and painting with fabric, printmaking, baskets, tin, papier mache, treasure boxes, and plexi- glass accordion books. Learn to combine mixed-media in new and imaginative ways. Instructor: Melinda Baker

June 25-29: Classic Creators 3-6th grade

During this camp we will be inspired by the work of famous artists, both historical and contemporary, and through their artwork we will learn to work with materials in new and different ways. Instructor: Vanessa Gonzalez

July 9-13: Puppetry K-3rd grade

Tell stories with your own three dimensional creations as we create puppets with a variety of art supplies. We will be using sculptural materials, paint, fabric and decorations to make our puppets and towards the end of the week we will practice our own puppet plays. Instructor: Melinda Baker

July 16-20: Animalia K-3rd grade

Peacocks, tigers, parrots and zebras!!! Artists will enjoy a variety of mediums as they create artwork inspired by the rich patterns and beautiful creatures of our animal world. Folk tales and legends will provide inspiration for a vivid and colorful variety of projects. Instructor: Vanessa Gonzalez

July 23-27: Incredible Creatures K-3rd grade

Unleash your imagination in a fun exploration of critters from dinosaurs, dragons, aliens and mythological creatures. Using books, videos, and famous artists for inspiration, we’ll create paintings, collage and sculptures of our favorite critters. Instructor: Melinda Baker


July 30-August 3: Bookmaking/Paper Making 3-6th grade

In this camp we will explore the fundamentals of paper making and will create our own fabulous books in a variety of styles. Instructor: Vanessa Gonzalez

August 6-10: Cartooning/Graphic Novel 3-6th grade

Create a comic character and develop an extended story in colorful detail while learning classic cartooning techniques of shading, text, motion, and sequence, Study other favorite cartoon and comic artists and practice narrative exercises to move your story past the first page. Our goal is to finalize a completed mini-graphic novel. Instructor: Melinda Baker


 Please fill out one form for EACH student!


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