This Event Has Been Cancelled

In the interest of the health of our community we have cancelled this event. Stay tuned to find out how to purchase this amazing student artwork.


Cancelled: Kay Contemporary Art celebrates ARTsmart artists of Capital High School. This exhibition will feature new works created. ARTsmart’s 2020 Honorary Artist Kevin Box mentored 23 artists from Capital High this season.  The artists created mixed sculptures in stone and metal in collaboration with Kevin Box.

Each artist started by creating a unique pattern or image on a sheet of paper.  They learned how to fold the paper into an origami crane (a symbol of peace and hope).  The artist found that when the paper was folded into the new origami shape the colors took on a unique form as its new sculpted shape.

Kevin Box provided the artists with a metal version of their origami crane in which to paint the final surface.  Each sculpture truly expresses each of the ARTsmart Artists’ ideas. At this insightful exhibition you will see that each artist begins with the same sculptural shape of an origami crane on a river rock. The end result is as unique as each of the 23 artists.

Sales of artwork benefit the artist and their arts programming. One half of the sales of the student work go directly to the Capital High artists and the other half, after materials expenses, goes back to their school’s art program. Works that are not sold during this special preview exhibition will be auctioned at the “All You Need Is Love” ARTsmart Dinner & Auction on April 4th at La Fonda On the Plaza.

This event is made possible by Karla Winterowd and Kay Contemporary Art and the City of Santa Fe Arts and Culture Department (formerly Arts Commission).


What: Capital HS Student Exhibition Opening
Where: Kay Contemporary Art, 600 Canyon Road in Santa Fe
Price: This is a FREE community event