Press Information

Dear Friends of ARTsmart,

We have done it, and done it right!

ARTsmart is thriving in our new building as we bring in students to make the space more energetic. Our future is so bright with our renovations that our community studio accommodates more kids and enhances their creativity. We have an extensive art library that is available for all. There is also the opportunity to rent out the space to organizations for events.

As Roni Rohr, art teacher at Eldorado Community School, says of our programs,

ARTsmart funds help purchase supplies for hands-on art making … but more importantly, they open up opportunities for students to access museums, work directly with the curators, and bring in visiting artists with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our visiting multi-cultural artisans are the heart of my program.

Dr. Suzanne Jacquez Gormon, principal at El Camino Real Academy, echoes Ms. Rhor’s comments stating:

ARTclub provides invaluable support to our after-school staff and exposes students to art history, a rich vocabulary, and a variety of art materials and techniques.We are grateful to you—our community, businesses, individuals, and national supporters. You are the lifeline that makes the dreams of New Mexico’s teachers and students a promise and reality. Become a part of ARTsmart’s family of supporters. By contributing what you can, you will be a part of the ARTsmart community, helping us reach our goals.

Hooked on Helping,
Connie Axton
President, ARTsmart 2014-2018

$2,000 Digitize four art lessons for our Curriculum Development Project
$1,500 Support a Visiting Artist program for one school
$1,000 Fund five after-school ARTclub programs for one school
$500 Provide materials for one twelve-week ARTreach program
$250 Supply art materials for a classroom for one year
$150 One scholarship for a child to attend our spring or summer ARTcamps
$100 Donate snacks for the Children’s Painted Ceramics Project fundraiser
$50 Every gift helps