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ARTsmart Programs

ARTsmart provides extended, in-depth visual arts programs in a wide variety of settings throughout Northern New Mexico. Each year, ARTsmart serves more than 9,500 students through the following programs: ARTreach: weekly in-school; ARTclub: weekly after-school;Youth Development Program: incarcerated youth workshops;  Youth Mural Program, Visiting Artist Program, Honorary Artist Program, The Children’s Painted Ceramics Project, and through other ARTsmart Community Partnership Programs.

Specific ARTsmart program goals are that students will:

• Strengthen knowledge, skills and the ability to express themselves in the arts

• Develop critical and creative thinking skills

• Increase interest in learning, both in the arts and generally

• Gain self-confidence and build self-esteem, as they envision their full potential

• Improve social interaction skills and their ability to relate to others

• Expand awareness of culture, diversity and community, both locally and globally

• Improve visual literacy and language skills

Long-term goals are that students will:

• Develop more refined aesthetic appreciation and artistic mastery;

• Improve skills in various artistic media and techniques, in critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, visual literacy, and language; and

• Exhibit positive social behaviors and life skills such as multicultural understanding, tolerance, patience, and respect as well as increased self-awareness, self-expression, and self-confidence

To fulfill these goals, ARTsmart employs a professional, highly qualified, dynamic, and dedicated staff comprised of art instructors and program administrators who work collaboratively to develop and implement ARTsmart’s visual arts education programs. Overall, in the art studio, ARTsmart instructors provide a welcoming, nurturing, and nonjudgmental learning environment wherein they guide students toward personal exploration and discovery; affirm and applaud individual ideas, efforts, decisions, and choices; teach valuable modes of thinking, and encourage and model positive behaviors, manners, and respectful communication.

Young Artists - ARTsmart New Mexico

As a result of gaining these important life skills, we expect children to enjoy school more, leading to higher attendance rates and improved academic performance. We expect students to gain a lasting belief in themselves and their ability to succeed in life.

For more information please contact: Sarah Mandala 505.992.2787, smandala@artsmartnm.org