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ARTsmart provides extended in-depth visual arts programs in a wide variety of settings throughout Northern New Mexico. These enriching educational opportunities include after- and in-school programs, as well as independent programs in the ARTsmart Community Studio. Additionally ARTsmart sponsors numerous art projects -the results of which are sold during ARTsmart events. Proceeds of these projects go to support the Santa Fe Public School’s Art Program as well as ARTsmart independent programs.

For more information please contact: Sarah Mandala 505-992-2787, smandala@artsmartnm.org


ARTclub, our weekly after-school program, serves Kindergarten through 8th grade students. Semester-based classes run for one and a half to two hours during the academic year, after-school at selected Santa Fe public elementary schools. ARTclub students receive a high-quality arts education free of charge, which keeps them safe, engaged, and learning during the critical non-school hours when risky behavior tends to increase.

ARTclub is a model ARTsmart program because it offers a rigorous yet fun visual arts education program for students. The program provides a welcoming and nurturing learning environment that improves behavioral health and well-being by fostering life skills such as tolerance, honest communication, self-confidence, self-worth, and a lasting belief in personal abilities. These are fundamental to the healthy mental and emotional development of children.

“ARTclub provides invaluable support to our after-school staff, and exposes students to art history, rich vocabulary, and a variety of art materials and techniques.”- Theresa Liebert, Principal, Sweeney Elementary

“ARTsmart teachers build meaningful relationships with the students that attend their program.” Jakob Lain, Principal, El Camino Real Academy

“Art makes me feel happy because sometimes I get mad during the day and making art helps me deal with my stress because its fun.” –Sweeney Elementary ARTclub Student

“I loved everything in ARTclub and learned to use my artist eyes. Art class makes me feel inspired because at home I practice the lesson and look back through my sketchbook. Before I did not usually do art at home but the lessons inspired me to keep creating on my own.” –Sweeney Elementary ARTclub Student

“Art opened my mind, and thank you for the nice supplies.” –El Camino Real Academy ARTclub Student

“Art class makes me feel curious because when I start I know my art can go in many directions because there are options and choices.” –Sweeney Elementary ARTclub Student


ARTreach is a weekly school-day semester-based arts-learning program that serves Kindergarten through 6th grade children. This program serves both Santa Fe and Rio Arriba Counties which include a high ratio of low-income, at-risk, and highly underserved students. Guided by the New Mexico state standards and benchmarks, our hands-on lessons meet developmental needs of specific age groups and reinforce each school’s academic goals. ARTreach curriculum was developed over many years in response to parent, student and school feedback and is continually refined to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our partner schools.

ARTreach serves schools that do not have regular art teachers on staff thereby filling a significant void in each school. Here at ARTsmart we are working hard to bring this critical missing piece of a well-rounded education to as many students as possible. Each child deserves art in their lives as well as the added benefits and skills. Through ARTreach, we provide underserved youth the chance to participate in arts learning and instruction focusing on perseverance, trust in artistic choices, and taking creative risks. The result is expanded intellectual and imaginative growth. Providing these youth with an arts education improves their attendance, motivation to learn, and performance in other subject matters. ARTreach also provides students with the opportunity to shine, feel successful and realize their potentials and self-worth.

“I have noticed that many students have improved in their attendance specifically on ‘ARTsmart days.’ The kids have shown responsibility and increased maturity as they have advanced in art.” –Nancy Martinez, Teacher at TEQ Sombrillo Elementary

“The students have become more confident and creative with their artwork. They are able to critique peer artwork and appreciate the feedback from others. Students use the art vocabulary that was introduced and have so many techniques that they are able to use in the classroom. I am so amazed with how much they learned and the beautiful art they created.” –Vanessa Trujillo, Teacher at Los Ninos Kindergarten Center

“The ARTreach program has aided in students’ enthusiasm and also builds on student’s self esteem and creativity.” –Kimberly Vigil, Teacher at ETS Fairview Elementary

“My students love this class and really like the instructor. They rarely miss schools on Wednesdays because they want to attend art class. Fantastic!” –June Madrid, Teacher at ETS Fairview Elementary

“Students are able to express themselves in an artistic sense. Some students who struggle in academics are able to feel proficient in something, lifting their self- esteem.”-Renee Boylan, Teacher at ETS Fairview Elementary

“At first I would keep my art to myself. Now I want to share it with the world!”-ARTreach student

“I liked that we did new things every time we had art class and we learned to do things we didn’t know how to do.” -ARTreach student

“I feel like I found a new way to make myself feel calm all day by doing art projects.” -ARTreach student

ARTsmart Children’s Painted Ceramics Project

More than 1,000 fifth-grade SFPS students participate in this annual program of creating paintings for placemats whose themes are inspired by their SFPS art teachers. The ARTsmart Board selects approximately 100 of the placemat designs to be reproduced on kiln-fired ceramics. Students transfer and paint their designs on a variety of objects, including large and small plates, bowls, vases, and platters.

Each student creates two objects—one to keep and another that is auctioned at the ARTsmart Annual Dinner & Auction to raise funds for our Visiting Artist Program. The laminated placemats are used at place settings during ARTsmart events, and attendees are encouraged to take them home.

Ceramic Gallery 2020

“Symbols of the Southwest” Plate and Platter Set by Piñon Elementary Students

“Geometric Series” Plate Set by Salazar Elementary Students