Teen Mural Project

Teen Mural Project

ARTsmart believes strongly in the power of arts and the creative process to help guide young people in making positive choices in their lives. Over the years ARTsmart has had the good fortune of working with Santa Fe teens to develop and implement community youth mural projects designed specifically to support positive youth development while simultaneously beautifying communities and strengthening relationships within communities and neighborhoods throughout Santa Fe County.

Past experience has taught ARTsmart’s staff that teen youth benefit tremendously from learning experiences that invite them to engage as professional artists working to create something meaningful and lasting for a client or neighborhood. To that end, ARTsmart has extended the Youth Mural Program to include a more detailed component aimed at guiding and mentoring teen youth in understanding how to work collaboratively on a project for a client.

Program goals for students are:

  • Developing creative and critical thinking skills
  • Promoting a positive change in the form of self and community awareness
  • Developing and refining aesthetic appreciation and artistic mastery
  • Overcoming socioeconomic boundaries
  • Developing skills in problem-solving and team-building
  • Fostering cultural value and community identity