Visiting Artists

ARTsmart’s Visiting Artist Program extends the benefits of art education by bringing arts professionals into the classroom.  The artists’ disposition – their habits of mind and passion for making art – is a powerful educational ingredient. When artists bring it into the classroom, where anything like it is often in short supply, they can engage and motivate students making their learning exciting and more meaningful.

The goals of the Visiting Artist Program are:

  • Visiting Artists introduce students and teachers to new skills, media, concepts, diverse cultures and aesthetic frameworks. 
  • Students construct artworks that illustrate connections between their ideas and experiences with themes explored and shared by Visiting Artists. 
  • Students develop confidence and self-discovery by expressing their own personal voices and ideas through their artwork, which is celebrated within the community through exhibits and events. 
  • Students gain knowledge of varied career paths in the arts and recognize Santa Fe’s vibrant cultural fabric. 


Join us!

We are always recruiting artists living and working in or around Santa Fe who are interested in inspiring young people and working alongside art teachers. Contact us at info@artsmartnm.nm if you are interested in sharing your creativity and skills.

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