Capital Campaign

ARTsmart’s Space to Grow Capital Campaign

ARTsmart New MexicoWe enjoy our home at 1201 Parkway Drive and are open for business! It was a long process of completely gutting and refurbishing the warehouse space into two spacious studio spaces, offices, an art gallery, a storefront, kitchen, indoor play area, and garage bay (that will eventually become a ceramic studio). The flooding in July 2018 was also a challenge but we have refurbished and made the ARTsmart Community Studio better than ever!

We’ve come a long way, but there is still Space to Grow! Our Capital Campaign has the Goal of $1,000,000 which will help us replenish the cash reserves that were used on the initial remodel and allow us to make further changes to complete our vision of the ARTsmart Community Studio. If you are as excited as we are about actualizing our goal, please donate today!



ARTsmart would like to thank the following for their generous donations to the Space To Grow Capital Campaign since 2015:
33 Ninas, LLC
Albuquerque Publishing Company
Alla Prima
Allred, Charmay
Anderson, Bruce J.
Armijo, Dominick
Aronauer, Mark
Atwood, Chris & Lynda
Avalon Trust
Axton, Helen C.
Baker, Melinda D
Baldrige, Megan
Barber Family Limited Partnership
Baucom, Everett & Dona
Bean, James & Wanda
Bishop, Helen M.
Bottorff, James
Bourguignon, Erika
Briscane, Teri
Briscoe, David & Cheri
Brown, Laird & Corky
Bueschel, Elizabeth
Burnett, William & Caroline
Burns, Kyle & Tabitha
Byrd, Chip & Trish
Caldwell, Lee
Carter, Kaline J.
Cashman, Elaine
Chavez, Marta
Cochran, John & Barbara
Coker Foundation
Collins, Kate
Creek, Ken M.
De Jean. Madeliene
Dulanto, Luigi
Duran, Daniel & Mary Ellen
Evans, Stephen E.
Fallis, Keith
Fantl, Brian & Jeannette
Farrell, Betty G.
Fivekiller, Edwin & Irene
Fleischaker, Debbie
French, Bonita J.
Fritz, Deborah
Frontier Frames
Fugitt, Charles
Gallagher, Paula
Giddings, Daryl Warren
Greenberg, Mark
Greene, Justin
Groff & Cathy Gates, Gordon
Gumbo Foundation
Hall, Gary R. & Melinda K.
Hamilton, Bud & Valerie
Harbour, Robert & Mary
Hinton, Robert J. & Patricia
Hoerth, Kristin
Hoffelt, Jane
Howe-Murphy, Jim & Roxanne
Ikeda, Sheryl A.
Inside Santa Fe
Julsrud, Chris & Sara
Kachina Foundation
Kadis, Roseanne
Karlovitz, Patty
Keller, Richard & Patricia
Kershner, Terrance & Renee
Kitchen Dimensions, Inc.
Laird Norton Family Foundation
Larsen, Fran
Lawson, A. C.
Lenssen, Dr. Barbara G.
Lewis, Willard & Kay C.
Lozar, Paula
Lucas, Robert C.
Lyon, Rebecca
Mabry, Wolfgang
Martinez, Richard & Michele
McGarry, Susan Hallsten
Mill’s Foundation
Miller-King, Mayo
Miller, Dwight
Miller, Roger.
Milnes, Ralph & Esther
Moeller, Richard & Ursula
Mowery, Clay
Myers, Juliet
Nagler, Andrea
Neiter, Amanda L
Norton, Richard & Jane
Oakeley, Marissa
Ogrod, Gene & Jean
Ornelas, Tony & Priscilla
Parfitt, Pam
Parkey, George & Kim
Patterson, James & Jan
Perrin, Doug & Dana
Peterson, Bill & Sharon
Plourde, Michele
Randall, Eliza L.
Randolph, Kira
Ranney, Edward & Melanie
Reed, Suzanne
Robins, Joyce
Robison, Mary J.
Romero, Lydia
Rosebery, Rachel
Ruhlen, George & Karan
Ruyle, Samuel
Sale, Marshall & Suzannah
Sauer, Henry & Judy
Sawyer, Anne
Scott, Marlane
Selvage, David & Terese
Shuller, Genie
Silver, John K. & Gloria
Soled, Suzanne
Southwest Art, LLC
Spriffolino, Robert & Connie
Storey, Dr. & Mrs. Stephen D.
Strauss, Frank & Merle
Tardy, Catherine
Terry, Bunny
Thomason, Thomas & Sharon
Thompson, David & Leslie Pearlman
Thompson, Marshall
Thompson, Paul
Trouw, Deborah J.
Van Hooser, Karen S.
Ventana Art Ltd.
Vieira, Linda
Wade, Judy I.
Waxlander Gallery
Weimer, Brenda
White, Richard & Kim
Whiterads, Nancy
Wilson, Donald J. & MaryAnn Lundy
Wilson, Janet E.
Winterowd Fine Art
Winterowd, Karla
Wynn, Angel
Zamora, Gloria
Zaplin-Lampert Gallery, Inc.
Zia Insurance Agency, Inc.